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How Restaurant Audio-Video Elevates Customer Experience

Classy restaurant with round tables and hardwood floors

Attract More Patrons to Your Restaurant by Improving the Sights and Sounds in Your Space

Nowadays, owning a restaurant represents more than offering great food and drink to your customers. People are no longer just looking for a place where the food is top quality but where they can have a good time. And since we live in a world where technology is the driving force behind nearly everything we do, state-of-the-art AV helps make the customer experience much more enjoyable. 

Upgrading your restaurant audio-video system will increase the flow of patrons as well as your revenue. Keep reading to learn why a new AV system is important to keep your business among the favorites in Prosper, TX.

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Home Theaters Bring Elevated AV to Your Property

A home theater featuring the Avengers (2012) on the screen.

An Immersive Environment Provides the Perfect Space to Enjoy Your Media

Why head out to the local cinema when you have an immersive and inviting entertainment space right in your own home? High-end home theaters are nearly eliminating the reason to make your way to the cinemas in town. With stunning audiovisuals and unparalleled comfort, you can feel confident that you’re delivering the best viewing space for your family and friends in your Frisco, TX home.

Want to find out what a custom home theater entails and how one will transform your property? Keep reading on below.

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Why Choose Screen Innovations For Motorized Shades?

Upward view through windows with white roller shades. Sun and trees outside.

Enjoy Amazing Motorized Smart Shades Tailored to Your Home's Lighting Needs

Smart motorized shades provide the perfect excuse to add luxury and style to your home. Screen Innovations offers a wide variety of fabrics and shades styles to complement any design motif. Choose from wired and wireless to outdoor or indoor shades, which can be mounted inside or outside the window frame or in a pocket. 

Best of all, when Simpele installs your Screen Innovation blinds, we customize everything to your needs. Below are a few features you’ll enjoy with motorized shades in your Frisco, TX home.

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Discover How Smart Apartment Technology Can Enhance Your Tenant’s Lifestyle

Man and woman sitting in the living room in front of the fireplace,

Turn Your Building into a Smart Space Adapted to Your Tenants’ Technology Needs

Imagine the convenience for your residents to start their day with blinds that rise on their own just as they get out of bed while the lights slowly brighten in the apartment to start a new day full of energy. They can get ready for work while the climate control system automatically adjusts to take advantage of the sunlight streaming through their windows while their favorite playlist plays on high-quality speakers. This pleasant scene can become a reality through smart apartment technology, giving your Frisco, TX apartment building all the luxury and comfort today’s tenants desire. Read on to discover more about the advantages smart technology can bring to your residents and how they will be more inclined to choose your building as the perfect place to live.

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