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3 Wi-Fi Problems We Can Fix with a Home Networking Upgrade


Say Goodbye to Slow & Unreliable Internet

If you’re like most people, you rented a router when you moved into your current home, connected it to the internet with cables from your ISP, and never thought about it again. Until … you started losing connection during video calls, and your movies froze on a loading screen. Then you restarted the router and wondered what was wrong.

Many things could be hindering your home network. If you have too many devices and not enough bandwidth, for instance, you’ll have slower Wi-Fi speeds. Your router might be outdated, or you’re simply trying to cover too much ground. If you live in a large house, and one with materials like brick and glass walls, your router might not be able to reach all the areas you want.

Luckily, it isn’t a hopeless cause. We install home networking solutions for residents across the Frisco, TX, area, helping homeowners stay connected all day long. Why should you consider a network upgrade? Check out the common issues we address below.

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Smart Security Solutions From An Alarm.com Dealer


How These 3 Advanced Technologies Ensure a Safe and Secure Home

Springtime is fast approaching. And it can’t come soon enough in Texas! While you’re putting the winter blues behind you and looking forward to a change of scenery, it’s also the right time to upgrade your home security systems. That’s especially true if you have an older system. Today’s smart security products from Alarm.com offer unparalleled protection for your home and family.

Alarm.com offers state-of-the-art smart security to safeguard your home, property, and family. The company knows how to ensure a well-protected home – from video doorbells and AI-powered video monitoring to mobile alert and control features. Keep reading to learn the three security technologies you need for your home in Prosper, TX.

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5 Things You Didn’t Know You Can Do with Sonos



Imagine your entire house as a single sound system.  

With Sonos, you can wirelessly build a network of speakers and subwoofers (pictured above) that play everywhere from the bathroom to the living room. And it’s all controlled through the Sonos app.  

Many people don’t know how impressive high-end audio is until they hear it. If you’ve only used an Amazon speaker in your house, you don’t know what it’s like to soundtrack daily life with rich, robust audio.   

Whether you’re entirely new to Sonos or have one of their speakers already, we’ll show you all you can do with your system. Our Frisco, TX, customers love their Sonos whole home audio and make the most of it with the following features. We hope you will too!  

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Control4 Takes Innovation to a Whole New Level



A smart home is only as smart as the technologies you have. If you’re still using products and systems from years ago, then your smart home experience will suffer. It’s the same way a computer starts to slow down over the years. As systems and software become more advanced, your old phone or computer won’t keep up with the new technologies.  

Fortunately, Simpele is a smart home company in Dallas, TX, that can get you up to speed again. We install cutting-edge Control4 products, so you can enjoy all the convenience and extravagance of living in a fully connected, modern home. Make your home smarter and your life more luxurious by upgrading to these four C4 products and systems.  

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Released in 2019, Control4’s OS 3 system made smart home control even more intuitive and simple to use. It offers home automation personalization at the highest level. Choose from a wide range of stunning wallpapers (or pick your own photo) to put on your smart tablet. In addition, you can place your most frequently used apps on the home screen, making your entire smart home system incredibly accessible. Much like your phone, it’s easy to add, arrange, and remove your smart systems and devices, streaming services, and scenes. 

But the new OS 3 system isn’t only confined to your tablet. Download it to your phone as well for full control functionalities that seem as intuitive as scrolling and selecting apps. If you have a lot of devices in your home, the new filter function allows you to find them easily. For instance, you won’t need to scroll through a long list to find your motorized shades or smart door locks. By tapping “Room,” you’ll see and control all connected technologies in that room. You can also “Favorite” rooms to prioritize them, displaying them more prominently on your interface.   

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