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How Smart Apartment Technology Modernizes without the Mess

Control4 Remote in stand on kitchen counter.

Upgrade Existing Apartment Units Quickly and Seamlessly

Upgrading an apartment complex is a big undertaking that can take many stages to complete. In fact, it could take years to physically improve a large property while also causing disruption to current residents. Let’s face it, construction projects and remodels are typically a mess. But there is another way.

Property owners in Frisco, TX searching for ways to modernize and enhance resident experiences should transform their units into smart apartments. With the addition of automation, security, and energy-friendly solutions, residents will be thrilled with your efforts to upgrade the facilities.

Continue reading for four ways that smart apartment technology can help you modernize without the mess of construction.

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Invest in Quality Lighting Control for Your Peace of Mind

Front view of a stunning home at night with the front porch lights on.

Learn How Custom Lighting Solutions Can Make Your Home Safer

Unfortunately, you can't see very well when you're coming home late at night and braving that long walk up your darkened driveway or taking out the trash before the sun rises in the morning. This can make life difficult and put your safety at risk. Your home should be a secure space for you and your family, a place that promotes ease. 

With customized lighting control, you'll be able to visualize your surroundings at any time of the day. You can even connect it to your existing security system so any trespassers that trigger your alarm will have nowhere to hide. 

No matter how safe your neighborhood is in Celina, TX, extra security is always smart to have. At Simpele, we have solutions for every situation because having peace of mind in your living space is essential. 

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Trust Simpele with Your TV Mounting & More!

Media living space with TV mounted on the wall.

Work with Our Team for Your High-End Audio-Video Installations

Every media space has its focal point - and more often than not, it’s the flatscreen TV or projection screen located somewhere in the room. However, depending on your unique setup or layout, you might want that TV to accommodate different views and angles, meaning the screen would need to move and adjust to your liking. This is where TV mounting comes into play.

But don’t approach this setup on your own! Professional TV mounting requires just that: the professionals. And our team at Simpele is up to the task every time. Work with us for every TV setup, AV installation, and beyond.

Want to find out more about our services and how a properly mounted TV can benefit your Frisco, TX home’s media? Keep reading on below.

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Create a Next-Gen Hotel Conference Experience

Large conference space with rows of chairs, red and orange lighting, and three large screens on a stage.

Is it Time to Upgrade Your Hotel AV Capabilities?

The hotel conference and meeting room market is rebounding from the pandemic's impact, with more competition than ever to schedule lucrative events. Many hotels find essential revenue opportunities with room rentals and catering; attracting a conference or trade show event can provide great opportunities in both areas. 

Have you considered investing in upgrades to your hotel AV capabilities so that your conference room spaces stand out? Event planners are looking for ways to provide next-generation conference experiences, and having the latest technology available could help your hotel in the Frisco, TX area win new business.

Read on for four easy ways to enhance your conference room space with hotel AV upgrades.

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