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Upgrade Your Home Theater Design with the Essentials

 A high-end cinema featuring an upgraded home theater design and setup.

Stunning AV & More Create the Ultimate Viewing Space

Ready to experience your home media like never before? When your private cinema has the essential features of a high-end home theater design and setup, you can rest assured that you’ll view your favorite movies and shows as they were meant to be seen every time you press the play button.

So what makes up the ultimate home theater design? We’ve got the crucial components covered. Learn more about how our top-notch theater installation and design services can transform your Celina, TX, entertainment by reading the rest of our blog below.

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Ultra-Short Throw Projectors: A New Solution for Home Theaters


The Ultra-Short-Throw Projector by Sony Is the Perfect Addition to Your Home Theater Design

Home theaters come in all shapes and sizes. Some are grand spaces that accommodate 20 or more people, but others are quainter – providing seating for a select number of 10 or less. At the same time, the shape of your home theater space may be unique. Unlike a commercial theater that is rectangular, yours could be wider than it is deep. Whatever the shape and size of your private cinema, one thing is essential: you need a display that everyone can see and enjoy. 

The ultra-short-throw projector (UST) by Sony is the perfect solution for all types of home theaters, but especially ones with space limitations. It’s also an excellent choice for those who prefer a sleeker and less conspicuous projector in their rooms. 

Keep reading to see why a UST projector could be perfect for your home theater design in Frisco, TX. 

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An Inspired Approach to Home Theater Design


Think Outside the Box When You’re Planning a Home Theater

Home theaters have become more and more popular in recent years. Instead of fighting traffic, paying overpriced concessions, and dealing with crowds, homeowners want to create a private cinematic experience in their own homes. So, a home cinema becomes the perfect place to enjoy the finest in home entertainment. 

But what if you want something more than a dedicated movie-watching space in your Frisco, TX, home? You may feel limited by a traditional home theater. Fortunately, a multipurpose home theater design changes everything and offers versatility for a wide range of activities. Watch movies, listen to high-end music, or play board games or pool in your multiuse space. 

Keep reading to see how a modern take on home theater design transforms your experience. 

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