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Lighting Control, Smart Interfaces, and Control4

A room with a control4 wall panel.

The Global Leader in Smart Automation Brings Together the Latest in Lighting Control

When it comes to choosing smart lighting control for your home in Frisco, TX, the sheer number of brands and technologies available can be overwhelming. At Simpele, our lighting control experts light the way for you. We recommend the best products, design technology solutions tailored to you, and integrate lighting into a comprehensive, automated home. Best of all, you can control the whole thing using Control4!

Read on to learn why Control4, the global leader in home technology automation, is the best choice for integrating all your lighting products.

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Fine-Tune Your Day with Tunable Lighting Control


How Smart and Tunable Lights Elevate Your Mood and the Ambiance of Your Home

Are you getting the most out of your lighting control system? Even though you may have smart lighting you control with the tap of a button or icon, you may be missing out on an impressive feature that adds more light, life, and color to your home. A tunable lighting system from Control4 lets you change the hue and intensity of your lights, as well as set unique scenes for every room. 

Control4 tunable lights can also be set to match your body’s circadian rhythm, making your home in Frisco, TX, a biophilic space that helps you enjoy natural lighting, which mimics the sun’s natural arc across the sky. Keep reading to see what tunable lighting control does to elevate your life. 

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4 Rooms That Benefit from Smart Home Lighting Control


How Lighting Automation Helps You Set the Perfect Scene in Every Room

Morning time comes, and you roll over to turn on your nightstand light. As the bright sun enters your rooms in the afternoon, you go around the house adjusting the blinds. When it’s movie night in your home theater, you get prepared by manually dimming the lights and lowering the shades. And then, as bedtime approaches, you walk from room to room, turning off all the lights. 

Although it seems like a routine to you, there’s a better way to have complete and seamless lighting control in your home. With smart lights as well as motorized shades, you enjoy one-touch (or even no-touch) control of both artificial and natural lighting. Keep reading to learn how four areas in your home can benefit from lighting control

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Bring More Light & Life to Your Home with Control4


How Control4 Lighting Control Enhances Your Smart Home Experience

A robust Control smart home system transforms your day to day in ways you never thought possible. With the tap of an icon, remote control button, or wall pad, you take control of the lights, sounds, and entertainment in your home. Combining simplicity with sophistication, a Control4 system makes it easy for you to seamlessly control a wide range of technologies throughout your home in Dallas, TX.

One of the most impressive features of a Control4 features is lighting control.

Do you want to add a smart home system to your existing home or a new home? You can trust Simpele, a leading Control4 dealer, to help you take advantage of all Control4 has to offer. Keep reading to learn several ways a C4 system makes your home smart and your life more enjoyable.

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