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The Making of a Media Room


A Perfect Media Room Is a Combination of the Right Equipment, Design, and Control

Have you been thinking about a media room installation for your Frisco, TX home? Search “media rooms” on the internet, and you'll find there are as many different media room designs as there are families and homeowners.

What do you envision? Reclining chairs with LED-lighted cup holders? Or comfy, plush loveseats and sectionals designed for the ultimate in relaxation? Does your fine art painting transform into a large screen 4K HDR TV, or does one-touch on a tablet lower the projector from its hidden compartment in the ceiling?

It’s a lot to consider. At Simpele, we take the time to understand your vision and what type of space would genuinely enhance your life. Media rooms are, after all, about fun and enjoyment, a place to gather with family and friends for the latest movie or the big game, a space to enjoy your favorite musicians in surround sound, and the room where you tame the dinosaurs in Fortnite. It’s a multi-use room that will undoubtedly become one of the favorite spaces in your home.

So, let’s look at the many details involved in creating a media room.

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5 Tips to Build a Stunning & Versatile Media Room



Living rooms, home theaters, and media rooms— each space is meant for entertainment, but they all offer slightly different purposes. You wouldn’t want too large of a screen in a living room, because it’s still a place to gather with friends and family. On the other end of the spectrum, home theaters are built for total immersion and little distraction, in a dark room with a large display.

Media rooms offer a happy medium between the living room and theater. They’re a versatile space that can be used for many occasions. But how can you start a media room installation that covers technology while staying stylish? If you’re looking to upgrade your entertainment in the Frisco, TX area, read on for our technology and design tips.   


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