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Let Control4 Smart Home Automation Add Magic to Your Life



When you think of your home, do you see it as connected? Your lights, speakers, locks, home theater — can you control them all effortlessly, or do they all require their own controls and functions? In most homes, these systems are disconnected and operate individually — which can make it time-consuming and confusing when trying to manage everything.

Control4 — one of the top home automation system companies — gives users connected homes and makes all your devices work together. Here’s how you can achieve smart home automation with a Control4 system for your Dallas, TX, residence.


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If you’re wondering how to make your home’s lighting more convenient and exciting, incorporate smart lighting into your home. With Control4 lighting, you can create customizable scenes that allow you to set specific preferences for various moods and occasions. If you want brighter lights in your kitchen for weekly cooking classes with your kids, you can set that as a scene. If you wish to have warmer lights for relaxing nights in with your spouse, you can set that as a scene as well. One of the best advantages of having a Control4 system is getting to tailor and activate these scenes effortlessly through your smartphone, universal remote, and voice controls.



It’s hard to overstate the importance of music. It can enhance so many moments in our life — when we’re relaxing, getting energized, learning, working, and more. Control4 makes sure you and your family can enjoy music on another level throughout your home. Multi-room audio lets you use your phone, remote, or voice commands to choose what music to play and where. You or any family member can play songs in every room of your home or just one room, all with the touch of a button. Control4 audio also provides high-resolution sound with Triad speakers, which feature superior materials and components.



If you want ultimate peace of mind when it comes to protecting your home and family, Control4 security is the way to go. You can have all your locks, security cameras, and garage doors connect to your phone, so you can check on them remotely wherever you are in the world. Instant alerts can let you know whenever someone enters your residence and whenever the system detects movement at the back of your home. With Control4 security, you can customize what alerts you get.


Simpele is your local smart home automation company, and we are a proud Control4 dealer. We can design, install, service, support, and finance your smart home system — find out more by filling out our online contact form.

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