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Outdoor Entertainment: From Getting Started to Expanding Your System



Watching TV or listening to music at home might not feel like a thrilling pastime. But when you move your media outdoors, suddenly your time entertaining feel more special. An outdoor entertainment system will transform how you gather with friends and family and enjoy new movies, shows, and albums.

When installing outdoor entertainment in your Dallas, TX, backyard, you can always start small and build later. To see how expansive and integrated a system can get, read on for our technology tips below.  


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A common first step into outdoor entertainment is through rock-shaped speakers by trusted outdoor brands like Klipsch or Episode. They’ll blend right into your plants and landscaping while delivering superior audio quality over streaming or connected to an indoor receiver. With speakers around your patio or pool, your days spent grilling or relaxing in a float will feel like musical movie moments. Add landscape lighting to the area so you can enjoy music long past sundown.



TV time doesn’t mean you need to stay indoors. Take Netflix nights under starry skies with an outdoor screen by SunBrite TV. Their displays are built to endure all weather and temperatures, no matter how humid or stormy it gets.

Mount your outdoor screen on an exterior wall, outdoor fireplace, or a stand in the open. You can extend your audio system, too, with omnidirectional speakers or small satellite models to pepper your lawn with music.



The best outdoor setup allows you to access all of your devices from one controller. Integrated into a Control4 smart system, a preset custom scene like “Outdoor Fun” will turn on landscape lights, speakers, and the outdoor TV in one tap. Select channels, choose playlists and adjust your lights’ brightness all from one app or voice-assistant like Alexa.

Want even more powerful outdoor sound? Enhance your music system with a partial-burial subwoofer for rich, earth-shaking bass notes. Without a subwoofer, your music will lack those low frequencies.

A professional installer can implement speakers throughout your yard for evenly distributed sound. That way, you’re always within earshot of robust music, podcasts, or even audiobooks.


Ready to boost your Dallas backyard space with outdoor entertainment? Contact Sempele here to discuss an AV installation that suits your needs.

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