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Fine-Tune Your Day with Tunable Lighting Control


How Smart and Tunable Lights Elevate Your Mood and the Ambiance of Your Home

Are you getting the most out of your lighting control system? Even though you may have smart lighting you control with the tap of a button or icon, you may be missing out on an impressive feature that adds more light, life, and color to your home. A tunable lighting system from Control4 lets you change the hue and intensity of your lights, as well as set unique scenes for every room. 

Control4 tunable lights can also be set to match your body’s circadian rhythm, making your home in Frisco, TX, a biophilic space that helps you enjoy natural lighting, which mimics the sun’s natural arc across the sky. Keep reading to see what tunable lighting control does to elevate your life. 

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Looking for a Smarter Security Solution? Try Alarm.com!


Nothing Beats a Smart Home Security System That Is Intuitive, Human-Centric, and Robust

Your home isn’t really a home unless you feel safe, comfortable, and happy there. While your smart home system adds entertainment and luxury to your life, a smart security system protects those you loved and your entire property. Since you want the best for your family, an average home security system won’t do. Instead, you need Alarm.com.

A home security system from Alarm.com practically knows what you’re thinking! But don’t be frightened, it’s on your side – always keeping eyes and ears on your property 24 hours a day, just like you would if you could. Read more to see why you need smart security at your home in Prosper, TX.

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Today’s Security Cameras Are Smarter Than Ever


Advanced Smart Surveillance Cameras Completely Transform Home Security

Smart locks and video doorbells are excellent solutions to ensure a safe home. Both use state-of-the-art technology and remote controls to help you maintain a secure property. Still, they can only do so much to provide the protection you need. Without smart security cameras throughout your property, you still leave room for thieves to find another way inside.

If you add advanced surveillance cameras to your home security system, nobody will be able to step foot on your property in Prosper, TX, without you knowing it. The security cameras of today are easier to use and more sophisticated than ever. Keep reading to learn about the most impressive features of today’s surveillance cameras.

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How to Keep Hackers Out of Your Home Security System


Criminals of all types have user-friendly devices that make their jobs much easier. Stealing a car? A simple device can offer electronic access to the engine and it's off to the chop shop. Make no mistake, your home is no different -- hacking tech is cheap and readily available to everyone.

With the rise of wireless security, in fact, the cost of hacking dropped dramatically. A criminal can unlock your door remotely and wait for you come home … But why go to all that trouble when you can simply be watched through your security cameras? Obviously these types of scenarios are frightening, so what can you do to make your home security system more hacker-proof?

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