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How to Build a Whole Home Audio System with Sonos



So, you want to listen to music at home. Maybe you’re putting away laundry, relaxing with a book, then making a bite to eat in the kitchen. You have a few options for your background tunes.

You could listen with headphones. But you’ll have to keep your phone in your pocket, and if wired earbuds accidentally snag on a drawer, your device will fall to the floor. Well, maybe you own wireless earbuds. But if someone calls your name from across the house, it will look like you’re ignoring them.

Option two: you turn on your smart speaker in the kitchen and tell Alexa to play The Cure. But as you walk to the bathroom, the patio, or any other room, suddenly you can’t hear the music anymore.

The solution? A whole-home audio system that flows through your entire Prosper, TX house. You won’t have to close yourself off with headphones or stay restricted to one room. Sonos, the speaker manufacturer, makes wireless multi-room music simple. We’ll share below how you can sync your existing speakers and new Sonos devices to one system.


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