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Discover How Smart Apartment Technology Can Enhance Your Tenant’s Lifestyle

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Turn Your Building into a Smart Space Adapted to Your Tenants’ Technology Needs

Imagine the convenience for your residents to start their day with blinds that rise on their own just as they get out of bed while the lights slowly brighten in the apartment to start a new day full of energy. They can get ready for work while the climate control system automatically adjusts to take advantage of the sunlight streaming through their windows while their favorite playlist plays on high-quality speakers. This pleasant scene can become a reality through smart apartment technology, giving your Frisco, TX apartment building all the luxury and comfort today’s tenants desire. Read on to discover more about the advantages smart technology can bring to your residents and how they will be more inclined to choose your building as the perfect place to live.

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How To Personalize Your Smart Home Experience


Smart Home Automation Comes to Life When You Work with an Authorized Control4 Dealer

Customization is the buzzword attached to nearly any product we buy – clothes, jewelry, gifts, phones, cars, and homes. Without the ability to personalize a product, you end up with something that is ordinary, not extraordinary. And that’s the last thing you want! When you customize something, you set yourself apart and add more luxury to your life.

This is especially true with a home. But we’re not talking about installing new floors and countertops or updating your outdoor entertainment area – even though those are excellent ideas. Instead, the most impressive way to enjoy luxurious and customized living is with smart home automation.

Keep reading to see how Simpele, a leading Control4 dealer in Frisco, TX, can give your living experience an incredible upgrade.

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Fine-Tune Your Day with Tunable Lighting Control


How Smart and Tunable Lights Elevate Your Mood and the Ambiance of Your Home

Are you getting the most out of your lighting control system? Even though you may have smart lighting you control with the tap of a button or icon, you may be missing out on an impressive feature that adds more light, life, and color to your home. A tunable lighting system from Control4 lets you change the hue and intensity of your lights, as well as set unique scenes for every room. 

Control4 tunable lights can also be set to match your body’s circadian rhythm, making your home in Frisco, TX, a biophilic space that helps you enjoy natural lighting, which mimics the sun’s natural arc across the sky. Keep reading to see what tunable lighting control does to elevate your life. 

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