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4 Rooms That Benefit from Smart Home Lighting Control


How Lighting Automation Helps You Set the Perfect Scene in Every Room

Morning time comes, and you roll over to turn on your nightstand light. As the bright sun enters your rooms in the afternoon, you go around the house adjusting the blinds. When it’s movie night in your home theater, you get prepared by manually dimming the lights and lowering the shades. And then, as bedtime approaches, you walk from room to room, turning off all the lights. 

Although it seems like a routine to you, there’s a better way to have complete and seamless lighting control in your home. With smart lights as well as motorized shades, you enjoy one-touch (or even no-touch) control of both artificial and natural lighting. Keep reading to learn how four areas in your home can benefit from lighting control

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Comfort & Climate Control with Control4 Home Automation


Heating, Cooling, and Lighting Exactly When You Need It

Smart home automation may sound like a flashy and fun household accessory. But most of our Texas clients use their smart home system to make their homes a more comfortable and welcoming space.

Control4 smart systems simplify and automate your home’s atmosphere and climate systems, from fans to window shades to the AC. But you may be wondering, how does it work, and is it worth it? Explore your options below to see how your Frisco, TX home may benefit. 

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