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The Top 5 Smart Home Myths Busted


Several myths about smart homes are inaccurately casting a negative light on the industry. They make smart home tech seem overly complex, pricey, or otherwise misrepresent these devices and the installation process. The truth is that any product with such a thriving market has to fit its audience's needs. Smart home systems are user-friendly, technicians can handle installation, and it's easy for anyone to get started because options are available for every budget. Only buy for what you need now, then easily add more devices as your smart home needs change.

  1. You need to be a tech wiz to use smart home devices: This simply isn't true because most homeowners aren't up to date on cutting-edge tech. In fact, most homeowners don't even know they can control their lights from their mobile devices. Smart home manufacturers know this and have made their devices extremely user-friendly, such as touch screen climate control and the overall ability to control most smart devices from your mobile devices.
  2. Video monitoring is pricey: The benefits of video monitoring make the price tag, under $1,000 on average, seem quite affordable. If you have video cameras as part of your smart home, they don't do much good if you can't monitor the video. Being able to have your video recorded off-site means intruders can never destiny your evidence. It also allows you to view your home remotely to check-in even when away. Prevent a situation from escalating as soon as possible.
  3. Smart homes don't meet current demands: In fact as explained above, today's smart homes exceed current homeowner demands. If you run out of functionality built into your devices, you can assign commands using software like If This, Then That, such as commanding your door lock to open every time you arrive home.
  4. DIY installation is easy: The alternate version of this myth is the idea that you have to install everything. Not only can you have a technician do everything for you, most homeowners prefer it because the level of required technical knowledge is too high. Even if you can install a smart home system, what happens when it breaks? Technicians are widely available and affordable to make sure your system operates as expected.
  5. Smart home systems are hackable: Actually, this is true, if you don't have basic security measures in place. All smart home systems can be made more secure against hackers, and in fact homeowners not taking proper measures is a much more likely reason for system vulnerability. Encryption and firewalling are two basic measures, but many home systems are hacked because owners do not change the passwords on routers and modems.


Smart home systems can bring convenience to any home. They're flexible and affordable, allowing you to make your home as smart as you want. The best way to get the smart home system that is right for you is to speak to a representative who can assess your needs. All you should have to focus on is learning how to make the most of your smart home system, and leave the rest to your preferred provider.

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