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Meet the companies that we call partners. They form the foundation of our product specifications thanks in part to their best-in-class performance, breadth of product offering and ongoing technological innovation.
Araknis, product shot, wifi

Networks have more stringent performance and bandwidth requirements than ever before, and Araknis is the go-to solution for IT experts in both residential and commercial environments. For best-in-class functionality and support, Araknis offers the ultimate dependability through their wide range of networking products. Operate the network seamlessly when you want to find new features, set new security access levels or expand the system. Routers, access points and switches undergo thorough testing in a variety of environments. Diagnose and resolve problems before they become an issue through the company’s trademark OvrC software. Using this cloud management platform, we remotely monitor all your network-enabled devices. We’ll troubleshoot issues and reboot devices to help you avoid on-site service calls and extensive downtime.

Control4 ipad interface on books
Experience personalized control for your unique lifestyle with the power of Salt Lake City-based Control4. Connect virtually any device in your home or business to work together, and command them all with customized one-touch controls and scenes from your system remote or smart device of choice. Whether you’re home or away, Control4 gives you the power to command and monitor your Prosper, TX estate or business’ devices and lighting control in one platform. The transformative benefits of a smart connected home and business with Control4 delivers convenience, peace of mind and an efficient environment that’s comfortable and safe.
Epson, projector showing screen with rock concert

Leverage Epson’s long history of electronic innovation with their line of commercial and home cinema projectors, which deliver striking, dynamic quality for projection made perfect. Their wide range of projectors is ideal for home theater enthusiasts who enjoy watching sports, TV shows or movies. With images up to 300”, you can relish the big-screen experience in the comfort of home. Meanwhile, 4K video resolution and advanced color processing offer unprecedented detail ideal for both residential and commercial settings. With ultra-bright models available, you can enjoy dynamic images, even with ambient lighting in the room. Dealing with a small space in your home or office? Explore Epson’s high-performance, short-throw projectors that can sit just a few feet from the screen.

Honeywell touchpad, person pressing button
Honeywell Security is a global provider of comprehensive security and surveillance solutions for both residential and commercial markets, including hospitality, healthcare, education and retail. A branch of the multinational corporation Honeywell, which was founded in 1906, Honeywell Security began its journey to becoming an industry leader in 1969. Honeywell Security offers robust solutions in access control, intrusion detection, life safety, video systems, security management systems and more. Their advancements in the industry have helped shape today’s security systems, with analytics that pave the way for proactive and even predictive security. Headquartered in Huntington, NY, Honeywell Security continues to invest in their commitment to delivering world class service, support, quality and innovation.
Klipsch speakers next to console table under tv
In 1946, hi-fi legend Paul W. Klipsch founded Klipsch in a small shed in Hope, Arkansas, where he designed the now legendary Klipschorn speaker. Live music made its way to living rooms throughout the country through the company’s advanced horn speaker technology. Although hi-fi is at its soul, Klipsch offers a wide range of personal and home audio solutions. From their massive audio research facility that includes anechoic chambers, digital electronics workstations and an industrial design lab, Klipsch is continually revolutionizing high-end sound. Listen to the best in modern acoustics through their high-end speakers, home theater speakers, architectural speakers, headphones, soundbars and wireless speakers. Though the company was bought by Audiovox Corporation in 2011 and is now based in Indianapolis, Indiana, the ethos from that small shed remains Big Sound. No Bullshit.
Martin Logan high performance speakers
Designing and building the best electrostatic speaker in the world has been Martin Logan’s primary purpose since its foundation in 1983. Delivering the same resounding bass as a traditional loudspeaker was the most significant challenge for the Kansas-based company. Over the years, they have more than delivered on their promise through their “Truth in Sound” philosophy. A commitment to lifelike accuracy and astounding power lives in each of their products. Martin Logan still specializes in a wide range of electrostatic loudspeakers from the affordable Vista to the immense Neolith, which can deliver an impressive 1300 Watts of power to your Prosper-area home. The company even offers specialized home theater loudspeakers and a multi-channel soundbar for your audio video installation. Handcrafted designs, Anthem Room Correction technology and expert engineering make Martin Logan the standard for electrostatic speakers throughout the world.
Martin Logan
Samsung, tv on white wall in living room
Elevate your expectations of home entertainment with Samsung’s most innovative and advanced range of televisions that offer an impeccable visual and auditory experience for film and gaming enthusiasts alike. Samsung’s proprietary Quantum Processor is the mastermind behind their unrivaled QLED 4K and 8K TVs that display a depth of detail, contrast and realism never seen before. Even when not in use, Samsung displays add beauty to your home by transforming into framed artwork or blending into the decorative pattern on your wall, elevating your space while turned on and off.
Samsung, tv on white wall in living room

As the way in which we communicate, entertain, and work evolves, it’s more important than ever for businesses to deliver seamless and highly engaging AV experiences that are both simple and cost-effective. The SAVI 3 automation and control system saves business owners time and money by streamlining programming and installation while eliminating points of failure and unnecessary hardware costs. Accessible from any web-enabled device and requiring virtually no end-user training, SAVI also offers built-in features for video walls, tiling, layouts, ad space, marketing messaging, and more - all without the expense of complicated digital signage solutions. The SAVI ecosystem includes advanced AV-over-IP distribution, HiFi quality audio, and integrated lighting experiences, delivering intuitive, next-gen control, automation, and asset management for commercial businesses of any size.”

Screen Innovations, projector screen on large glass windows in bedroom

Unleash the full potential of your home theater with Screen Innovation’s masterful indoor and outdoor screen models. Revolutionize your viewing experience with ambient light rejecting screens so you can enjoy your favorite films even during the day. Embrace the big screen experience in a stylish environment with their sleek, zero edge models that fit seamlessly in any space. Now you can even take your screen on the go with the Solo line model featuring a portable cassette and a two-year battery life. Tiles and rear projection screens, meanwhile, allow unique and engaging digital signage solutions for businesses. Recently, Screen Innovations has also released motorized shades for indoor and outdoor use in a wide range of models and colors.

Screen Innovations
Sonos speakers sitting on console table and sonos sub on floor

Sonos envelops every space of your home with brilliant audio, creating a soundscape you can easily customize to play what you want, where you want. With smart, wireless speakers for your music and cinema, Sonos expands crystal-clear audio anywhere you desire and connects to all your favorite media sources for easy, one-tap listening. Seamlessly command your speakers with voice activation or from your smart device of choice and rediscover your favorite music with a sound system that lets you listen your way.

Sony ES tv on brick wall

Delight your senses with professional-grade home entertainment solutions designed to harmonize both picture and sound for a breathtaking, true-to-life experience. Unprecedented contrast, color and realism are made possible with Sony’s proprietary technologies that also lead in pixel-by-pixel detail for texture you can practically feel. Whether you’re outfitting a multi-purpose media room or a dedicated private cinema, Sony’s line of premium 4K HDR projectors and TV displays, AV receivers and high-resolution speakers work in tandem to craft the immersive experience intended by film and video game creators.

Sony ES

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